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My Husband and I are Unbelievably Happy With the Final Product

Carrie was a joy to work with. Throughout the whole planning process, she truly cared about what our needs were and wanted to meet them. She wanted to make sure that she was prepared for both the rehearsal dinner and wedding day, so she would stay in contact with us the months leading up to the wedding. We went through our wedding timeline with her multiple times. She was unbelievable in this aspect.

She asked us what locations we wanted photos at our venue and made a timeline to include every single place we had requested and every single combination of family members/friends we wanted in photos (she even had a backup plan if it was raining or even too hot in the sun)! She was prepared for anything mother nature was going to throw at us. Since Carrie talked me through our day in such detail, I had nothing but confidence the day of the wedding in her. This was a huge relief to not have to worry about how the photos would flow because she had every detail under control.

We sent her specific photos/poses we wanted the day of the wedding and she made every single one happen and did it very seamlessly. Working with Carrie and her assistants was everything we could have asked for and more! She is very fun and her work turned out beautiful! My husband and I are unbelievably happy with the final product. She is the definition of a fun professional that gets the job done in a great, memorable way.

Even my husband said he was surprised how fast she was able to get the shots we wanted both days and get us back to our parties without missing a beat. Once our, family and friends saw the photos, they were floored. The whole album of images was truly remarkable! Even at the points in the day when it was extremely sunny and blazing hot, she made the photos look perfect. I would recommend using Carrie’s services. She has a genuinely kind personality which makes it so easy to jump right into working with her. She was by far the best addition to our wedding day!! We are so happy!

Jules – January 2019

She Made Our Dream Day Come to Life

There are not enough stars to give to nearly describe our experience and wedding with Carrie. She made our dream day come to life. She is an absolute professional and you can tell she loves what she does and has a passion for photography and that comes through in her work. She made sure she got every detail, every tender moment, ever heartfelt tear, and every smile ear to ear.

Adam and Danny – January 2019

This Exceeds my Expectations

Hi, Happy New Year! I wanted to say thank you for doing such an amazing job on my album. It is so beautiful. I knew it would be good but this exceeds my expectations 🙂 I was showing the album to some friends and they couldn’t stop talking about it and they way you captured special moments throughout the wedding. You Rock!!!

Nebal – December 2019

Easiest Decision: Hire Carrie, Move Along.

This is a no-brainer. Of all the tough things you need to consider, this isn’t one. She is the single best decision I made for my wedding. This is a general consensus amongst everyone who has glimpsed a single picture from my wedding. Because after all is said and done, what more do you have left than these pictures? Aside from marital bliss, of course. Look, I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but I’ve had my pics for over a month now and they are so amazing that I’ve barely been able to focus enough to write a review.

The images she captured could be right out of a bridal magazine. They are special because Carrie is special. She knows the photos that need to be taken and how to get your sometimes unruly bridal shower to get their sh*t together and execute. But she also is a master at capturing the moments that want to be taken, the in-betweens that most photographers let pass. The reason we hired her is because those candid moments are our favorites and she did not disappoint. During a day in which time passes too quickly and seconds are fleeting, you want Carrie on your side to capture the moments that you could have missed and turned them into memories you’ll forever adore.

Lauren – 11/26/2018

The Best Decision I Made When it Came to My Wedding

Not really sure what more I can say other than, aside from my husband, Carrie was the best decision I made when it came to my wedding. Every girl dreams of that big beautiful day and so sadly, it went by in a flash (pun intended). I can’t put into words the magic Carrie caught on camera that will make that amazing (though all too fast) day last an entire lifetime. As a very detail-oriented/anal person it was hard for me to make final decisions on our vendors.

Putting all the trust and faith into somebody that will forever impact your memories was difficult. The second I spoke/met with Carrie I was completely at ease knowing she would make all the times leading up to our wedding, and ultimately that day, absolutely perfect. I was able to sit back and enjoy the day knowing she was going to wow us! She isn’t a cookie-cutter vendor – she made sure every decision and detail was based on us as a couple – it was so special!I’ve been to many weddings and my large complaint is that, the photographers are everywhere, almost ruining the view of the special moments. That’s one thing I couldn’t have been more happy about. Not sure if she was dangling from the ceiling or where she was hiding but she captured every moment throughout the day without ‘being in your face.’ It was the perfect balance my husband and I were hoping for.

Obviously our photographer was an investment and a larger portion of our overall budget but it is absolutely one of the places I would recommend not cutting corners. Cut back on flowers or a smaller cake, but don’t cut back on the one thing that you can keep the rest of your life. I took that advice from my older sister who had a very poor experience with her wedding photographer and I am so happy I did. Carrie was very easy to work with in finding a package that would give my husband and I what I wanted without breaking our budget.
From our engagement photos to the viewing of our proofs I wouldn’t have changed one thing about the experience!!

Mary – 06/11/2013

Carrie is Worth Every Penny and Exceeded Our Expectations

I recently got married in Newport, RI and hired Carrie Rodman as my photographer. Carrie and her team were amazing, my photos are absolutely stunning. After seeing her work and speaking with Carrie, we knew we wanted her to photograph our special day. There were other photographers that were less expensive but we are so glad we hired her she is worth every penny and exceeded our expectations. From day one, she always made us feel as though we were her only clients. We had such a great time taking our engagement photos. During this time, we were able to see her in action. She is extremely talented and her photos reflect that. Carrie took her time and was focused on getting the best photos (spent more time with us than we had anticipated)

My husband mentioned to her that he and the groomsmen were going to get old fashion straight razor shaves at a local barber the morning of the wedding. To our surprise, Carrie said she would stop by to take a few photos. This is what I call going above and beyond. Carrie did this on her own time, she wasn’t scheduled to begin shooting until that afternoon.

On the day of our wedding, the forecast showed rain. Needless to say, I was upset given we were planning to take photos outdoors. Carrie saw that I was upset and told me in the event we could not take pictures outdoors, she would make herself available another day when we could take some outdoor wedding photos free of charge. Her generous offer meant a great deal to us. Carrie didn’t have to offer that and just shows the kind of person she is (sets her apart from other photographers.)

Fortunately, the weather cooperated and she was able to take amazing photos. What we love about her work is that it’s more than just a photo. She is a master at her craft, you will not be disappointed if you hire her. She and her team were professional and pleasant to work with. We can’t say enough about Carrie and highly recommend her.

Nebal – 06/26/2013

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